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Mom told me that my aunt was going to be sending me something.  Not a holiday gift, not a birthday gift, just a "Thinking of You" kinda thing.  So I opened the package and Mom told me to read the letter first.  It read as follows:

"Hi there!  I wanted to first see how you're doing, and hope even better since you've opened the package to the delight of a new Nook C:  I had won in a raffle basket a couple months ago.  I think it's pretty cool but, don't seeing me useing enough to see it sit around.  Soooo, I'm going to put it in the hands of someone who will, enjoy it's yours."

The letter goes on, but that's my own stuff for reading... lol...

Because I hadn't looked into the package yet, I was like... what's a Nook?  I mean, I know what a Nook is, but I wasn't making the connection at the time.  I was thinking of Tom Nook from Animal Crossing, but that doesn't make sense as she doesn't know about my love of Animal Crossing.  lol

But I was BEYOND FLOORED when I opened up the gift!  Of course I called her and she told me that She and a friend had been playing on it to see what it was and what it could do.  But she had set it up where it would greet me with an apple as my avatar.  lol.  It was cute and all, but the little green dino was more adorable....

After messing around with it for the past week, learning what all it can and cannot do, I would say, the device is pretty cool, but there is so much wrong with it too.

Internet accessibility
Weather Channel app
free downloadable games
can listen to my music
free book downloads each week
book samples before purchase on many books
7 day "LENDING" from friends books
easily transfer music and photos from computer via USB

Nook store won't load books but Google store will
LOTS of glitches
music can't be made into customizable playlists?
some apps will kick you out of them for no reason.
takes FOREVER to charge/will only charge from an outlet
will not charge while connected to computer
can not download coupon apps to save money... No camera to scan barcodes.
heat radiates from the back... my ball exploded D: 

Even with all the glitches that the NOOK HD+ has, I am still very grateful to have it!  Now I know I'm still learning this thing, but I wanted to give yall an update.  Mostly to let you all know that I didn't die yet.  ( MrsNox, it's fun doodling with you on the 3DS )

When my nose isn't pressed to the tablet, I have been doing super chores around the house.  And by that I mean the Spring Cleaning type ones.  You know... pull the oven away from the wall and clean the floor and wall... fridge clean up time...

Rant/Story telling mode from here and below.  

Unimportant in the grand scale of things, but at the same time...
I need to let the world know how my piece of it looks...

Also, my sister had to take a break from her husband.  She wanted to leave him, she was so mad.  Not that I blame her.

I had offered to take her out grocery shopping about a month ago, and we went to an Aldis.  If you have never been to an Aldis before, its a grocery store where you can buy food CHEAP  but they have a very limited selection about what they carry.  Walmart has gotten to expensive if you can believe that.

I'm saying this not to brag, but to give you a perspective.  I spent over $200 on groceries for her and her family.  They were literally eating vegetables out of cans that they were donated by a friend of theirs.  My sister HAS a job, but her HUSBAND hadn't paid his eBay taxes to the government since my niece was born.  That was 12 years ago.  So yeah... back taxes.  And because HE doesn't have a job that they could siphon his paycheck from, the government started taking it out of HER paycheck instead!

She was expecting to get back $4,000 in taxes this year.  Instead she finds out her husband wasn't paying his taxes and suddenly is the one owing the fucking government $22,000 in back taxes.  That doesn't even go back as far as he owes yet.  That was just for the a past couple of years.

He is just a fucking MORON for thinking the government won't want their take of his income... and that they won't find out he has been making money off eBay.

So at THIS point, Tina has no income.  Even though she has a job, everything is being taken to pay off her leech of a husbands tax debt so that he doesn't go to jail.  She doesn't have money for FOOD.  She has a CHILD.  His other child was taken by his mother because said child wanted to date this one boy, and daddy said no so she made up  a story about being abused.  And since I'm a VICTIM of child abuse from when I was a kid, that REALLLLLLY pisses me off that she would fake that.

Greg isn't abusive.  Period.  He just isn't.  He is, however, a cheater and a money grubbing leech!  He has stolen money from his wife and used it to buy his girlfriend a RING!  I know this, because he has admitted it.  That's in the past, and my sister has forgiven him for his transgressions... I however still keep it in the back of my mind.

ANYWHO.... My sister finally admitted to me that they now had no food at home.  Greg at the time of that discussion was eating corn out of a can that their friend had donated to them.  and that it was the very last of it.  They had no money for rent.  They had no money for food.  And her car is being held together only by sheer willpower.

Now, normally when I make an offer to my sister to help her out, she usually says "no, no that's okay, we'll find away."  And I have to fight her tooth and nail to get her to say yes.  She is a very proud person.  Heck, I didn't even have ask more than once this time.  She said yes immediately.

The ONLY reason she said yes?  DSS.  IDK what they call it in Europe, but the department of Social Services will take your child faster then you can blink.  And with no food in the house, that is a quick way to get their attention.

And in MY personal opinion, Greg should not even be TOUCHING the food I bought my sister and my niece.  And that can of corn he was eating, he should STARVE so that his child has something to eat!  He doens't DO anything productive for the family!  He sits at home and plays VIDEO GAMES!

So do I, but I HAVE a job.  I can AFFORD to sit and enjoy a hobby like reading.  Him. Nope.  He'll take the car because he is bored, not fill up the tank, use Tina's money to buy whatever he wants... he is a SCRUB!

Now, JUST before Easter, SHE left him.

APPARENTLY, after I funded their pantry, he spent around $200 on HIMSELF!  Not his family... HIMSELF!  HE buys some type of Poppy Seed thing for pain management that "you can ONLY get from this one website"  blahblahblah.... Yeah.  I know he DOES have pain.  But NOT the kind of pain that allows him to SIT ON HIS ASS ALL DAY LONG AND PLAY VIDEO GAMES while his WIFE is out working TWO JOBS!

Now, this $200... Tina was suppose to try and sell these tickets that she gets gifted from her work. (I'm not going to say where yall so don't ask.)  Now, these tickets each cost over $60!  So according to HIM, SHE was suppose to sell the tickets and put the money into her bank.  HE spent the money BEFORE she could even sell them.  The person who was interested was/is giving her the run around.

So even IF she got the money for the tickets, it wasn't HIS money.  It was money for overdue RENT.  But he wanted to use it on SEEDS.  For HIMSELF.  And he did. And that overdrafted my sisters bank.  Again.

So needless to say.... my sister was/is BEYOND done with him.

She spent the last two weeks here with us.  And we took my niece in for a short time untill she convinced Mommy that it was better for her to be with Daddy. 

And he used his DAUGHTER as a way to get his "foot back in the door."

He tried to tell his daughter that he "doesn't know why Mommy left."  and that Tina "must be cheating on him."  TINA IS NOT CHEATING ON HIM!  And leave it to a past cheater to throw THAT one on the table!

Now, you're not going to discuss with a 12 year old your personal relationship with their other parent.  You just don't.  BUT Tori is rather mature for a 12 year old.

But between the bad blood with her half sister (Another story another time) and now here parents going to be separating... she took it VERY hard. 

There is ALOT to this story, but i'm trying to keep it very simple...

So Greg convinced tina that he is going to do better.  please don't leave him.  I've got a job lined up and everything (after 13 years of NOT having a job its about time)

Now here is the kicker.  Tina agreed to go BACK to him!  (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!)

He is a nice guy.  He is a loving person.  He is just LAZY!

Now, Tina has him on a PROBATIONARY PERIOD!  If he slacks.  If he doesn't pay HIS half of the bills, if he slips up JUST ONE more time, Tina is going to leave him.  For good.  No looking back.

But wait, it gets better.  After having claimed that he is in PAIN all these years and that it hurts for him to be on his feet for too long, and it hurt for him to SIT for too long... and that he can't hand hour long car rides... blahblahblah... wanna know what kinda job he got?

Under the table LANDSCAPING.  Yeah.  And when it rains, he doens't have to work.  Part of Tian's conditioning to come back was that he is not allowed to QUIT his job for any reason. He is not allowed to take off from his "job" for any reason.  If he gets fired for being a stupid twat, she will leave him.  If he does not provide for his family, she will leave him.

Now, I have back issues.  I have knee issues.  I walk five miles (round trip) for my job only because the bus system doesn't go my way.  I still manage to make it to work every DAY on time, if not EARLY.  I'm not saying that because I think I am better then him.  I'm saying it only to illustrate that I work in pain every. Single. Day.  Yes, there ARE different types and levels of pain.  But I don't have a child counting on me.    He needs to grow a set, and become the father that he tells everyone he is.  Yes, he stuck around.  Only because my sister is a free ride.  And yes, I mean that in ever sense of the phrase.

between you and me, if he keeps hurting her... Imma be all like:  ax her, i hardly know her 


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